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Much to the surprise of everyone, I actually (pretty much) held to my 2010 resolution of writing down the words I had to look up in the dictionary. In 2010, I looked up approximately 105 words. It would probably more accurate to say that I remember to write down the word I was looking up 105 times. I sure I looked up 883 words but forgot or was too busy to write it down the other 778 times.

And for the looky loos who are curious, here’s the words I’ve looked up since I last mentioned the list in April.

laconic 18Apr10
disaffected 25Apr19
nunchuck 30Apr10
philandering 02May10
calque 04May10
wry 05May10
onus 06May10
spectre 15May10
spinster 17May10
allusions 17May10
abdicate 21Jun10
ancillary 24Jun10
fetish 12Jul10
verisimilitude 24jul10
incipient 02Aug10
veneration 02Aug10
avatar 15aug10
patina 23aug10
practitioners 23aug10
aesthetic 26aug10
erudite 26aug10
acclimatizing 02Sep10
gravitas 02sep10
acclimatizing 02sep10
gravitas 02Sep10
irony 11sep10
berserk 16sep10
mantra 24Sep10
panopticon 27sep10
omnividence 27sep10
synecdoches 29sep10
Absconded 04Oct10
accosted 04oct10
peripatetic 04oct10
saturnine 05oct10
fontanelle 06oct10
gradated 07Oct10
draconian 10oct10
vernacular 10oct10
grace 02Nov10
edifying 02Nov10
alternations 11Nov10
husbandry 14Nov10
extant 15nov10
ensorcelled 16nov10
sylvan 17nov10
dystopian 17nov10
parley 18nov10
acolyte 22Nov10
gauche 24Nov10
protean 29Nov10
solace 06Dec10
comrades 06Dec10
accolade 19Dec10

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