Anxiety, En Vogue, and other nonsense

Here’s the facts, Luke is still missing and tomorrow my mom is having surgery to remove the cancerous lump in her breast. Oddly, or perhaps it’s not odd, I worry more about the former than I do the latter.

Last night, before trick or treating, I explained to my mom and my sisters how I think about Luke and his boys about every four minutes, my brain has prioritized it above mom’s cancer because at least I know where she’s sleeping tonight. I had no idea such simple information could be so comforting.

I’ve spent much of the past week letting anxiety over take my life. How do I deal with anxiety? I do all the brainless things I can think of to not think. It’s a lot harder than it looks and involves many, many reruns of “Family Ties.” Also, developing a Cut the Rope addiction helps.

But, like most everything I do, I’ve grown bored with constant anxiety. Does that mean I’ve stopped with the constant wishing/hoping (remind me to tell you about the praying/hoping/speaking to the universe semantics argument I had with myself the other night) for Luke’s safe return? No. Does that mean I’m not a little nervous for Mom’s surgery tomorrow? Nope.

So in an attempt to get back to life (back to reality, back to the here and now) I celebrated Halloween by dressing up as Ramona Flowers. Sadly, I forgot to have someone take my picture holding the +2 Against Girls Hammer.

My hair looked a little something like this (and according to Nolan it’s pretty purpley blue and red):

Liam dressed up as Mario was so cute I wanted to squish him all night long:
Liam as Mario

And here is the rest of the crew which includes: Clyde, a PETA activist, a Storm Trooper (who I incorrectly called R2D2 and was promptly schooled by a Tibble), some sort of Zombie Doctor, a Fairy Princess, Mario, and what Nolan dubbed the Crypt Keeper.
Motley crew

How have you been?

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  1. christa 01.Nov.10 at 6:19 pm

    I went as Kat Von D, and just before I left the house I said “Damn. I should have gone as Ramona Flowers.” And then I said “I bet Jodi did.”

    Psychic link, my friend.

    Keeping your mom in my thoughts, as well as Luke, etc.

  2. Bonny Holder 02.Nov.10 at 5:59 pm

    Jodi, I’m so sorry about Luke and his boys. He sounded like a really neat person to know.

    I cannot believe that’s Jaycee in that picture. Where has time gone.


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