Weapons do not make you super, kid

“Does Batman have x-ray vision?” Nolan asked.
“No, he doesn’t have any superpowers he only has a belt,” I said.
“He has a swing gun.”
“That’s not a superpower that’s a weapon.”
“He has boomerangs.”
“Still weapons,” I said. “Batman’s not super.”
“Yeah, he is,” Nolan said. “Why else is he called a superhero? Because he is super!”

And another one, this time with Liam who is standing in front of the TV, Wii nunchuck in hands, gently swaying from side to side while crooning along to “I Want to Know What Love is” by Foreigner (one of the Tibbles’ new favorite songs).
“You know, this is cheesedog roller skate music.”
“Is that bad?” he asked.
“But I like cheesedogs so it’s okay.”

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