Twitter replies I would have made had I not been so busy working today

  • What the shit is women’s fiction?
  • Who’s such a cunt? [it was Courtney Love]
  • I will not RT no matter how much I support the project.
  • Powerpoint is not for human use.
  • She’s reading here tonight? Damn I hate when I don’t know about these things.
  • Oops. McNally Jackson not the same as McNally Smith, carry on (thought it was weird she’d be reading at a music school)
  • You should never be embarrassed about referencing Kenny Rogers
  • Has anyone actually won an iPad by retweeting something?
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  1. Kevin Fenton 27.Apr.10 at 7:43 am

    Right on about powerpoint, which seems to have been designed to facilitate everything that’s bad about corporate communication. It is amazing how much powerpoints improve when you insist on complete sentences, not jargony grunts.


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