Making it right

Monday, I was pretty damn sure I’d never deal with Tires Plus again. I was still pretty miffed at the shoddy treatment I received over the weekend, and when the manager called I blew him off. Mature? Probably not. But I had convinced myself there really was nothing they could do to make me happy, so why bother. It’d just upset me and them and there was no need for that.

But then the manager called again on Wednesday. The determination was kind of nice, so I called him back, and he was great. It was exactly the kind of thing you want when you’ve had a bad customer service experience. He listened to my complaint, he apologized without offering up an excuse or being defensive, and he asked if I would give him a chance to make it right.

Of course, because I’m a softie, I totally let them fix Ruby. The discount they offered went a long way to swaying me, especially because I knew I was looking at a hefty repair bill before the whole nightmare even began.

Tires Plus made it right. They more than made up for it. They called when they said they would, had Ruby fixed on time, and the guy who had to deal with me at my angriest on Sunday even thanked me for giving him props over the way he handled the situation. It was awesome.

While it sucks that I was even put in this situation to begin with, I’ve been in this situation before (getting fucked over my careless/inattentive mechanics) and it’s never turned out this positively.

It’s nice to feel like there’s just a little bit of justice in the world.

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  1. shokkou 05.Dec.09 at 11:48 am

    Merry Xmas and continued good karma!


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