Book-deprived rage

Yesterday, I had a lot to say. Most of it revolved around domestic violence, breast cancer research, and the death of Sheila Wellstone. I may get around to say it sometime later, but it won’t be today.

Today, I got nothing. Why? Because saying something would require to me to stop thinking about Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply, which is something I’m just not willing to do at this juncture. I’m wholly obsessed with the novel and I’ve still got 132 pages to go. I’m the kind of obsessed with the novel where nearing the end scares me. It will either push me over the edge into orgasmic delight that brings on nextbookaphobia or it will send me crashing down to Earth angry and depressed.

I’ve become so obsessed that I’m resentful of everything that takes me away from the book — eating, sleeping, working, moving this giant cabinet from my parents’ apartment into my garage. I hope I can finish it tonight lest I kill someone tomorrow in my book-deprived rage.

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