I watched a Spelling Bee and then I cried

I had no idea watching the National Spelling Bee would be so entertaining. Not only are the nerdy kids super smart and kind of quirky, but the dude handing out the spelling words was kind of sassy and snarky. “That’s the only definition I have,” he would say whenever they asked if there was an alternate definition. It was more about tone than the actual words.

The color commentators, however, were some kind of wonderful.

“He knew that Greek root and it paid off,” Spelling Bee Commentator

“It helps to know that Latin root. Even if she doesn’t, it’s spelled just like it sounds. A guess might get her through.” It didn’t get her through, she got it wrong and then got a standing O.

“Oh good heavens,” the commentator said when the nerdy kid had to spell prosopopoeia. He got it wrong and also got a standing O.

When the nerdy kid in the orange shirt finally won I cried. It was pretty intense.

Then I sang a song about poutine to the tune of “Rocket Man.”

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  1. david 27.May.09 at 12:53 pm

    I’ll bet you watch the Scrabble tournaments too (I occasionally do).

    Poutine is the food of the gods, it remains my favorite reason to visit Montreal (along with the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore).

  2. Jodi 27.May.09 at 12:54 pm

    My friend Dana sent down a bunch of Poutine sauce (or probably over, since she’s near Toronto) and I make it for bookclub. Since I had leftover cheesecurds, and I had to make more.

  3. JRC 28.May.09 at 10:00 am

    Poutine is one of my guilty pleasures. With all the salt and grease, it doesn’t get a healthy heart sticker. I thought I was the only one in St. Paul who ate the stuff.
    The best I’ve had is in Montreal at a small restaurant/diner on Rue St. Catherine.
    BTW, Jodi, since Toronto is south of MSP, you could say that your friend Dana sent the Poutine sauce *up* to you.
    I’ve been known to call my friends in London, Ontario southerners.


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