A few thoughts on turning 40

For most of my life (especially after Sister #4 came along in 1980 and stole my birthday thunder) I’ve wanted my birthday to be all the time, everyday. For most of my adult life, I’ve worked really hard at making sure my birthday has spanned as many days as I could tolerate. Now that I’m 40, I think I can go back to having just one day of birthdayness a year. Well, at least for the next decade.

The Internet makes birthdays a lot of fun.

You’re a special kind of grammar curmudgeon when your own cousin points out how she kept the punctuation to a minimum in her Facebook birthday greeting.

I got a stick blender and I cannot wait to use it.

In a phone meeting today one of the women I was meeting with made a comment about once she turned 40 she started to forget thing and managed to acquire adult-onset ADD. The other woman said she was looking forward to that when she turns 40 in September. I then, even though I wasn’t gonna, busted out that TODAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY! And while discussing my celebrations one of them asked me how I felt the day after my party this weekend.
“Oh fine,” I said. “I don’t get drunk anymore. It’s not worth the three-day hangover.”
“I remember when hangovers were only a day,” she said, kind of wistfully.
“I remember when I didn’t even get hangovers,” I said full of spite and bitterness.

You know what kicked the most ass today? Barb Abney playing My Three Songs on The Current. In case you missed it, my three songs were:

  1. I Will Dare, The Replacements
  2. Polyester Bride, Liz Phair
  3. Sick of Myself, Matthew Sweet (I thought about going with “Someone To Pull the Trigger”, because duh, but it seemed a little morbid for a 40th birthday)

Speaking of Barb she made a crack about 40 being the new 20 and I said, I sure as hell hoped not because my twenties were a pile of embarrassing stupidity. She agreed. I think most women would.

You know what kicked the second most ass today? My friend Malmsy (the artist formerly known as Trip Shakes) sending me a picture of a record his elementary school choir made. The awesomeness nearly melted my face right off.

I think I had more to say, but The Tibbles called to wish me a happy birthday and now I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to say.

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