Political differences as narrated by a Tibble

“That car is so cool,” Nolan said as we were venturing home from the SuperT. We had just pulled up behind a car with a bunch of bumper stickers.
“No it’s not,” I said.
“Why not?”
“He doesn’t like Obama.” The car was owned by a very red Republican and was the first time I’d ever noticed an anti-Obama sticker (yay Jason Lewis).
Nolan gasped from his car seat. “You mean he doesn’t like Barack Obama?”
“Nope,” I said.
“Does he like George Bush?” he asked.
“I would guess so.”
“That’s so naughty. George Bush is a bad man.”
“Why is he a bad man?” I asked.
“Well,” he clutched a package of green Peeps (which he later said tasted like marshmallows and dirt) to his chest. “He sent people to die and that’s bad, and he doesn’t like the planet, and he kind of ruined everything.”
“I love our president Barack Obama,” he said.
“He’s cool and he’s going to make the world so better.”

We spent the rest of the drive home with me lecturing that it’s okay for people to like George Bush and not like Barack Obama. I refrained from mentioning the First Amendment.

But the best part of the whole exchange happened hours later, after naptime. The Tibbles were caressing the unopened Peeps package and discussing which one they’d eat first.
“Oh,” Nolan said. “We saw a car that didn’t like Barack Obama.”
“Barack Obama the president?” Liam asked.
“Yes,” Nolan said, a little exasperated. “The president Barack Obama.”
“How come he didn’t like Barack Obama?”
“I don’t know,” Noland said. “I think he didn’t want people to be happy.”
“Barack Obama makes people happy,” Liam said.
“He does.”

Then they went back to talking about Peeps.

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