My new favorite things

Coasters in their cozy

I have a bit of an etsy problem. I surf that site as if I’m paid by the hour to do so. It’s my go to store whenever I need something that isn’t books (yes a need) or food. For instance, spring is almost here and after spring is summer and summer means giant sweaty drinks. Even though I really don’t need to protect my $9 IKEA tables from water stains, I hate the pools of water that form around my gin & tonics. I need coasters. Coasters are the one thing missing from my life.

Diet Coke with Lime & Frank

Sure, sure I probably could have gone to Target and gotten some coasters for like $4. But what kind of fun is that? Besides, I like the idea of buying stuff where the money is going to real people and not a corporation.

Strangers in the Night

So, yay coasters! I got them from INOUDID’s Attic. As soon as I spied the coasters I knew I had to have them, and it only took me like an hour to decide on Frank Sinatra and not Billy Joel or Blue Oyster Cult.

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  1. Stacy 20.Mar.09 at 7:08 am

    Etsy is the best, isn’t it?

  2. Patty 02.Apr.09 at 2:16 am

    Very cool coasters! It’s not the same thing but after seeing a picture of an embroidered version of a Decemberists album, I was thinking I might stitch up the cover of Hootenanny.


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