Adjusting to the culture shock

Earlier this week I sat down with one of my new coworkers to talk about what he does and how things work at The Nerdery. He was very positive and upbeat. At one point I looked at him, cocked my head, and said, “You really like your job, don’t you?”

He was visibly shocked by my question. “Yeah, this place is awesome.”

Then I told him how that might be the biggest cultural difference between this place and Hell, Inc. It’s weird to be around so many people who are so happy to be at work. You figure the last three or four months of Hell, Inc was a toxic stew of bitter people using black humor to mark time until we were all officially out of a job. And even before that, Hell, Inc became a different place once the Canucks took over. It probably wasn’t the healthiest work environment. Talk about a sick building.

But boy howdy, it’s hard as hell for a cynic like me to deal with all this positivity and perk. Thankfully, I have a daily stand-up meeting filled with affectionate snark and teasing or I might really start to feel bad about myself.

The other thing, getting over the niggling feeling that I really ought to be “doing work” when I am reading all kinds of blogs. I often have to remind myself that reading blogs is now doing work. Granted, the blogs are a little different than the ones I spend my free time reading. But still . . . It’s really weird.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this all real. This is my job. Can you fucking believe it?

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  1. Peabo 21.Nov.08 at 11:23 am

    You deserve it! Live the dream, my friend. Live. the. dream.

  2. tamara 21.Nov.08 at 8:50 pm

    Sometimes, no matter how long you stay in a good job, the stench of the bitter, old job stays with you. Enjoy what you have know.


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