Drama on the set

Nolan and Liam have fashioned a sort of puppet stage using a dining room chair, the table, and a dry-erase board. The set also includes cobwebs that were drawn on notebook paper with a blue-green crayon.

We, I mean I, made a bunch of “creepy” puppets cut out from construction paper and taped to straws. The puppets include three bats, one spider, one ghost, and a jack o’ lantern.

Now they are practicing the show, before I can see it. From what I gather the dialog consists of, “Hi, I’m Mr. Spider.” “Hi, I’m Mr. Bat.”

Nolan is very clearly the director, and Liam the temperamental star. Nolan keeps crying for Liam to join him to practice but Liam is much too busy singing the crayons to sleep in a soft voice and promising them he will turn off the light.

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