Rainy days and Wednesdays always get us down

I think most of Shakopee was awakened shortly before six a.m. this morning by thunder. Since the Tibbles and I all live in Shakopee we were all jolted from sleep earlier than we are used to, making us extra cranky. The fact that it’s cold and rainy isn’t helping matters, and is throwing our usual schedule of fun into complete chaos. On most any given Wednesday we spend at least two hours playing at the park. It’s awesome because they get to expend some of their tibbley-energy and I get to sit in the sun and make sure they don’t crack their skulls open.

But like I said everyone is cranky and wound up. Here is a partial list of things that have caused a Tibble to cry and/or pout and/or whine:

  • Being asked not to fart at his brother
  • Having to split the last donut with his brother
  • Not being given the proper amount of orange juice
  • Being denied coffee
  • Being forced to watch Cars when there were 3 minutes of Scooby Doo to be had
  • Being made to actually rinse the soap from his hands
  • Having his waffles cut too small

Currently they are playing some sort of monster truck video game which, while loud, is delightful because that means they are not jumping on the couch, hitting each other with baskets, or running around this place like it’s an obstacle course.

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