Baby learns to crawl — Introducing Minnesota Reads

Minnesota Reads

People who know me (and a lot of them who don’t) know that I have three great passions in my life: writing, Paul Westerberg, and books.

Back in 2000, I started I Will Dare giving myself a place to write. A little over a year ago, I started Paul a place for like-minded Westernerds to rant and rave.

Today I am happy to announce my latest project, Minnesota Reads, a blog by and about Minnesota readers and writers. There isn’t much content there now, but there will be soon. So far I’ve enlisted the services of some of my favorite readers including Jags and Hypster Mom (who you may know from her I Will Dare comments), Peabo, and Christa. My hope is that many other Minnesota readers will also submit reviews and tell us about what they’re reading.

I got the idea to start such a site way back last October after seeing the appalling turnout for the Brock Clarke reading at The Loft. I was convinced that the turnout was due to lack of knowledge rather than apathy. Here we lived in what is often named “the most literate city” and twelve people came to see the author of what was, without a doubt, one of the most engaging, entertaining books of last year?

The next week I went to writing class and ranted about how there was no online, comprehensive book events calendar for the Twin Cities. At least none that I could find, or that any of my fellow writing classmates could think of. It was then I decided I should probably start a site, if for nothing else to have a nice, nearly-comprehensive (do you have any idea how many events there are here, damn) Book Events Calendar.

The idea sort of spun out of control from there. Like I said, she’s just a newborn. She doesn’t do much yet. But once she gets walking, it will be fabulous. I promise.

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