That’s what the kids are calling it

“I learned about human growth and development,” Jaycie said at 7:20 this morning, a mere five minutes after she arrived.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“It means getting my. . . ” she started in her normal voice and then suddenly dropped down to a whisper., “period.”
“Oh,” I said.” “I didn’t realize they had a new name for it.”
“What did they use to call it?”
“I don’t remember. We probably didn’t even have a name for it.”
“All my friends say say that in sixth grade we have to watch a video of a woman giving birth.”
“Shut up, really?”
“I don’t know.” Jaycie shrugged. “But the video showed us how to use a. . . “and she whispered again “a tampon.”
“You know what?” I asked her. “Someday none of this will embarrass you.”
Her eyes grew bigger and she shook her head no at me.
“Yuhuh, I promise.”

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