kidling’s buns

you would be amazed by the number of butt jokes a 6 and 7-year-old can make. none of which are very amusing. unless, of course, you are a 6 or 7 year old.

jaycie types: Poop Comes FROM A BUTT!

and max types: max loves his blue blankie and jaycie laughs at his butt.

we are putting this on the whole wide world web for the whole world to see, aunt jodi said.
“is this going to be embarrassing?” max asked.
“probably,” aunt jodi said.

oh wait, jaycie has something else to say. “it’s funny everyone gets to see our butts on the internet,” she laughed.

“i’ve got something else to say,” max said. “it’s going to be a really a funny joke at the very end.

here is the joke:
“ok,” max says, “alright, i am ready. why did torchik go in the pokeball?”
“i don’t know,” aunt jodi said.
“it’s like we’re writing a story,” max said. “it’s because, because he wanted to be alone and go to the bathroom.”

[insert much uproarious laughter from princess jaycie.]

apparently winkletoe wants to say something.

“what do you want to say winkletoe,” max said. then max made that ahheeemmm sound and wiggle winkletoe like the blue blankie was going to speak.

but then jaycie started with a joke:
“what did the back say to the butt?”
“i don’t know,” aunt jodi said.
“it smells up here,” jaycie said.
“that doesn’t even make sense,” aunt jodi said.
“it’s because the butt farted,” jaycie explained.
“still not so funny,” aunt jodi said.

“write jaycie has a strong fart,” max said giggling.
“ok, ok we’re done,” aunt jodi said.
“just write it, just write it,” jaycie said.
“ok the whole internet is going to know you have strong farts jaycie,” aunt jodi said.
“ok, say max farts really loud,” jaycie said.

i think we are done now. it’s time for giggly little farting kidlings to go to be6t6ydt.t, er 5hbt2hbt8hnht



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  1. Damon 07.Apr.05 at 10:33 pm

    Don’t worry Jaycie…I got your joke!

  2. UH 07.Apr.05 at 11:04 pm

    My kids are all teenagers, and their jokes haven’t advanced much.


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