Cranky goes to the polls

Still pretty cranky, I’m hoping coffee with the posse will alleviate a lot of the crank. If not, I’m jumping off a bridge on the way home. I’ve gotten to the point where I am annoying myself with the woe-is-me crap.

Anyway, even in the midst of a hormonal storms there are moments of sheer fun. Over at the Paul Westerberg blog, the Westernerds are determining which is the best ‘Mats album. It’s down to “Let it Be” and “Tim” which should come as a surprise to nobody. Of course trying to choose which album is better is like choosing between The Beatles and The Stones — in other words a decision that cannot be made and that just thinking about causes your brain to melt and run out your nose.

I am firmly in the “Let it Be” camp for reasons that include “I Will Dare,” “Answering Machine,” and the delightful absence of any bullshit like “Dose of Thunder.” So far, my record is winning.

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  1. PeeWee 06.May.08 at 12:53 pm

    My vote is always for PIE.

  2. Kristy 14.May.08 at 7:18 pm

    my vote for “Let it Be”.

    Yes tonight I am fucking stalking your comments. It’s fun to stalk people that largely ignore you behind the tree.


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