I don’t like to talk about it

There is a very friendly cashier at the SuperT in Savage who really loves cats. Sadly though she is allergic. Or her husband is allergic. Someone in the household is allergic, I just can’t quite remember who it is. You would think I could remember since this is not the first time I’ve had this very friendly cashier who loves cats tell me this story. Also you would think that I could remember which of the cashiers at the SuperT likes to talk about cats and then avoid her when I am buying cat food.

Apparently I can’t.

I’m not a person to talk about my cats. I have a phobia of being the crazy cat lady. I have an extra-special, super-duper phobia of being the messy-haired, stained-t-shirt-wearing lady who goes to the SuperT and talks to the cashier about her cats. I AM NOT THAT WOMAN. It was totally the cashier’s fault. And you’d better believe that I thought about telling every other shopper around me that it wasn’t my fault. Because it wasn’t. At all.


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  1. Peabo 25.Apr.08 at 1:43 pm

    Why the Super T in Savage and not the one in, like, your yard?

  2. Roberta Beach Jacobson 25.Apr.08 at 2:00 pm

    I happen to be a cat lady myself, but I met another cat lady in front of the cat food display at the supermarket on day. She burst into tears, not knowing how she could afford to feed her 17 (all fixed, but still …). I ended up adopting 6 of her kitties sight unseen. It was bizarre, yes. We put them in my car in plastic transport boxes and off I went. Thank God that only happened once!

  3. UH 25.Apr.08 at 6:00 pm

    Darlin’, you will always be the crazy cat lady to me.


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