an emergency trip to the vet

sister #4 and her friend D, who is in town visiting from Idaho, have taken Simon to the emergency vet. the poor little guy is not getting any better. just looking at him breaks my heart right in two. about an hour ago, Simon peed allover D. which is weird, because he’s never had an accident like that before. D, who is a nurse, thinks he might have had a seizure. she said it reminded her of how her cat was right before she had to put him down because his kidneys failed (of course this was said in a whisper while sister #4 was upstair changing out of her pajamas). i’m so worried that my stomach hurts.

UPDATE 10:07 p.m.
sister #4 just called, simon is not well. the vets think it might be kidney failure. they told her they were worried about him. right now they are running some blood tests and testing for the kitty leukemia. if he has leukemia, we’re in a for a heap of trouble. it’s highly contagious for cats, and if the other three have it. . . well, i can’t even think about it.

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