Bret Michaels has been replaced by my new love

You know, I thought I had it bad for the skanks and strippers that populated Rock of Love 2 but I was wrong. Those slutty women ain’t got nothing on Amanda from my new absolute favorite TV show The Paper. Amanda is, as I like to say, the bomb digs.

I can say with absolutely no reservation that I will take dorky high-school journalists over surgically-enhanced hosebeasts every day of the week. I love this show so much that it makes my fling with Bret Michaels Rock of Love 2 look like a silly school-girl crush.

Whenever The Paper is on, I have to watch it twice in a row just in case I missed an eyeroll or an exasperated sigh. And lord knows that each of those actions carry tons of connotation when it comes from a high school newspaper reporter.

This is the TV show that I want everyone to watch so we can talk about it the next day.

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  1. christa 22.Apr.08 at 2:33 am

    i have some pretty serious predictions about how this season will unfold.

  2. FFJ 22.Apr.08 at 8:38 am

    more Bret for me then!


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