My new favorite TV show has a lot of bad hair

As I type I am watching what is going to be my new favorite TV show. It is The Celebrity Apprentice. Feel free to unsubscribe from the RSS feed right now. Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Sinbad, and Bret Michaels? Oh hell yes.

Bret seals the deal. Obviously. I’m not sure why he has so much sway over my television habits, but he does. I wasn’t a big Poison fan either. Though I do remember singing a particularly memorable a capella version of “Talk Dirty to Me” in Jenny Trunnel’s driveway. I had the 45 and loved the hell out of that song.

Really, Sister #3 was the Poison fan. She papered her bedroom walls (at least the walls she was allocated under the Sister Shared Bedroom Wall Act of 1991) with pictures of Michaels and Poison. I think her sixth or seventh grade school picture prominently features a Poison t-shirt.

But in summer of 07 when Rock of Love first premiered I fell under the spell of Bret Michaels, and I cannot even figure out why. He has fake Barbie hair, his music is not my thing, and I’m not even partial to blondes at all. In fact, of all the hair colors blondes are my least favorite.

There’s a lot of bad hair on this show between the Don and Bret and Rod Blagoblahblah. But that’s beside the point.

The point is I am sitting here, a little giddy, at watching Bret Michaels fry up some burgers. What happened here? I wish someone could explain it.

P.S.POILER. Bret’s team Rocksolid just won the first task. And I feel bad for rooting for the men, and against Cyndi Lauper.

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