On the first day of Christmas vacation my true love gave to me, nothing

Bedtime: 2 a.m.
Waketime: 8:24 a.m.
Goals for the day: Clean the upstairs, all of it — laundry room, Fortress of Solitude, my bathroom, my bedroom, and the still empty master suite.

Yes, during the next thirteen days of Christmas vacation I’m turning iwilldare.com into a Bridget Jonesesque diary of sorts. Come on, I don’t have anything to do but figure out what I want to do with my career and write. Humor this old girl.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Since I am currently my own true love, I’ve decided not to get myself anything for Christmas. It just doesn’t make good fiscal sense in these dicey employment times to go spend a great gob of money on books or music or furniture or whatever sort of splurge-like spending I do around this time of year in the name of making myself feel better for being lonely during the holidays and call it a Christmas present to myself.

Don’t worry I already told me that if we have a job by birthday time, we’re totally getting us something kickass.

So yeah, all the cleaning. I forgot to mention that I’m hosting my entire family for Christmas Eve. Aunts, uncles, sisters, parents (well my mom, Dad is still fuming over the great Sister Club War of 2007 the war of which I am so tired of I could vomit that same ware that promises to make Christmas dinner extra awkward because Sisters #2 and #3 have not spoken to each other in two months), kids of all ages will descend on Supergenius HQ.

Me and my big mouth. In a moment of weakness on Thanksgiving while I was trying to cobble together a dinner of mashed potatoes and corn, I proclaimed I would not go hungry on any holiday ever again. See it’s family tradition to have some sort of beefy dinner option on Christmas Eve. Usually it’s something like lasagna. Bleh. So back to Thanksgiving, I was all flush with my raise and promotion and the fact that I’d have a job for as long as I’d want it.


But I am excited. Kind of. This will be the first time a majority of my fam has ever seen the Supergenius HQ. I don’t let many people into the hallowed halls. So, if you have been granted access to the inner sanctum you should consider yourself lucky.

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  1. Wendy 20.Dec.07 at 10:29 am

    Oh man. I feel like the luckiest person in the land, mainly because of my MULTIPLE visits to the inner sanctum of Supergenius HQ.

  2. Suzy 20.Dec.07 at 6:57 pm

    We are staging a family intervention for brother/sister war 2007. Hard to explain to kids when adults are acting like asses – justified or not (in our family not). The bottom line is that the kids miss their aunt/uncle and that’s really what it’s all about. Hope your holidays go well and drama free.


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