Down with NaNoWriMo up with NaBlo

The Evil Munchkin approached my desk. “You never responded to my e-mail.” (evidence that I am nearly the worst e-mail responder of all time)
“I’m sorry, I can’t talk about NaNoWriMo,” I said. “It pisses me off.”
“What? Are you offended that I’m doing it?”
“No,” I said, all weary. “I just think it’s bullshit.”

I then went in to list all the reasons that I hate NaNoWriMo, none of which will come as a surprise to many people. He then went on to tell me how he’s doing it with all his friends and they have great plans of hanging out sometime soon and writing. Because apparently writing novels is now a team sport of some sort.

Last night at Grumpy’s I was retelling the story to Peabo and she laughed. She knows how I feel about National Bullshit Writing Month. Of course, because she just loves to prove me wrong, she’s participating. So there’s the exception to the “oh I don’t write at all 11-months out of the year but now I am a novelist” rule. Okay, I admitted that there are .001% of all the people who participate who actively study and practice the art and craft of writing fiction.


But because I am not all negative, nay-saying nellie, I decided to join some sort of National Writing Hooha. I joined National Blog Posting Month. See? I can join with the best of them. Unfortunately unlike the other Nano, I won’t be posting everyday about how I am faring in this challenge.

The worst part about NaNoWriMo is hearing about all the bullshit novels is worse then all those people wasting their time writing the bullshit novels. Blech

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  1. Peabo 01.Nov.07 at 8:34 pm

    Well, I’m not doing it just to prove you wrong….you know that I agree with you 99%. I just like a certain form of self-torture that really only nanowrimo and its copycats can provide.

  2. Robin 01.Nov.07 at 9:03 pm


    I like NaBloPoMo if, for no other reason, it makes me write every single day. With NaNoWriMo, it makes me procrastinate every single day. Which one is better for me as a writer?

  3. Edge 02.Nov.07 at 9:23 am

    I’m with you Jodi! To show my contempt, I’m going to STOP writing my novel for the month of November and pick it back up in December. Ok… well, it’s a nice (almost novel) idea, but I think my editor will kill me, so I will be protesting in spirit while I plug away, all the while feeling guilty that I’m writing when I really shouldn’t be. I’m supposed to be done with my latest project in December, so I can’t be putting it off too much longer.

  4. Tam 02.Nov.07 at 7:35 pm

    I won’t go there with you. I covered this last year (in my old blog)… just remember not everyone does NaNo for the same reasons. Some of us use it as a tool to start writing creatively again because we don’t do it often enough.

  5. Jodi 02.Nov.07 at 8:35 pm

    I know, Tam. You’re like Peabo, one of the .001% who prove me wrong!

  6. david 12.Nov.07 at 3:47 pm

    I agree with you totally about NaNoWriMo…

    Good luck with a month of blogging, I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many days in a row I have blogged (and somehow kept most of my friends and stayed married).

  7. Jodi 12.Nov.07 at 3:55 pm

    You never work ahead? Really?

  8. david 13.Nov.07 at 11:50 am

    The downloads are usually put together the day before, but the news and features are all gathered, written and posted the same day (to guarantee freshness).

  9. Jodi 13.Nov.07 at 11:59 am

    I have a whole new respect for you. I can’t imagine doing that kind of fact-finding/gathering daily. I do it once a week for and it kicks my ass.

    I’d much rather just blather aimlessly daily then do any actual work.


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