Words written on a piece of paper that’s been on my coffee table for seven months

This piece of paper has been sitting on my coffee table since November when I finished reading Motherless Brooklyn. Every person who comes over picks up the paper, tries to read it and then asks what it is.

“Oh, nothing,” I always say. I don’t even try to explain about how I was so enamored with Lionel Essrog’s verbal tics that I started writing them all down. Afterall, I didn’t want the visitors to Supergenius HQ to think I was weird.

But, well, I am weird. And here are the words written down on this piece of paper that I probably still won’t throw away. They are really fun to say out loud and whenever I see the list, it makes me think of that old Soul Coughing song “Buddha Rhubarb Butter” (which is also a lot of fun to say).

Pierogi kumquat susaphone
Domestic marshmallow ghost
Insatiable mallomar
Smothered pierogiphone
Ziggedy zendodah
Pierogi monster zen master zealous neighbor
Zazen zaftig Zsa Zsa go bare
Zippity go figure
Cream of soup salad sandwich
dirty worker, dukety name
Unreliable chessgrub
Domesticated ghost phone
flip-a-thon, fuck-a-door
spread by means it finds
fed in springs by mines
bled by mingy spies
monster cookie and anti-friendly

And then for reasons I can’t remember I wrote down this phrase, “As though I could build a golem of his language, and bring him back to life . . . “

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