Things I learned about Dan, my friendly SuperTarget cashier

  1. He spent all day yesterday moving
  2. And had to work the early shift at SuperT
  3. His band is playing a gig tonight near Superior, WI
  4. He’s bummed about that because he has to work at 8:45 tomorrow morning
  5. He’s very afraid of driving drunk in Wisconsin
  6. He can’t remember the name of the place they’re playing but it’s on the myspace page
  7. Usually whenever they play a gig at a bar they get drunk, but tonight he can’t because of the driving home
  8. He likes to road trip for rock and roll, but not if he has to drive home the same night
  9. His friend Chris recently moved to Duluth
  10. for a girl
  11. Which kind of creeps out their gang
  12. Because that’s not like Chris
  13. Dan, himself, recently got out of a four-year relationship
  14. So it’s not like he’s opposed to serious relationships
  15. It’s just weird because, you know, it’s Chris
  16. And everyone’s like ‘Dude what happened to Chris?
  17. He hopes I enjoy my nice quiet weekend

Things I did not learn:

  1. The name of his band
  2. The URL of the myspace page
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  1. UH 09.Jun.07 at 7:36 pm

    Hah, so much for promotion.

  2. zook 11.Jun.07 at 9:09 am

    Either you had A LOT of items or Dan talks really fast. Better then the ones who don’t even acknowledge your presence in line though.

  3. Jodi 11.Jun.07 at 9:12 am

    It was about $70 worth of groceries. I don’t think that’s A LOT. But Dan did take his own sweet time.


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