Poetry class, woah

After my first poetry class on Tuesday afternoon I ran out of The Open Book like my hair was on fire, Peabo right on my heels. We wheeled into the parking lot and smack into Vodo.

“How was poetry class?” Vodo asked.
“All of my instincts are telling me to drop it and see if there’s room in Dylan Hicks’ crit class,” I said.
“Take my class,” he said.

Then I went deaf for a minute there. The Vodo asking me to take his class? I think the man cannot deny that he likes having me as a student anymore.

“You know what she said?” I said, referring to my beautiful new poetry teacher Jude. “She said that Raymond Carver’s poetry was better than his fiction.”
Vodo’s smile clattered to the ground. “What?” he whispered.
“I KNOW,”‘ I shouted.
“Well, that’s because it is,” Polly, a poetry-class comrade said.

The three fiction writers surrounding her narrowed their eyes. The gall.

“You cannot drop the class,” Polly said.
“I’m scared,” I said. “I didn’t even know what to say.”
“Oh please,” Peabo said. “That stuff they were saying in there, that was bullshit. You need to speak up in class. Nobody can shut down bullshit quite like you.”
Vodo laughed.
“It’s not funny,” I whined. “I didn’t say anything in class. At all.” Then his hair turned white because he knew my silence is the seventh sign of the apocalypse.

Seriously, darling ones, poetry scared the shit out of me. Polly and Peabo spent all our post-class Grumpy’s time talking me down from the ledge.

The class is going to be tough, because the material and the concepts are so foreign to me. People were saying shit about respecting the energy of the material and deciding it was time to fill up their soul.


Be afraid for me, poets are nearly as scary as hippies.

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  1. wolfdogg 08.Jun.07 at 12:00 am

    and here I thought we showed you how to fill up your soul at hippiefest.

    maybe we should have tried something other than gin & tonics and grain belt premium.

  2. jags 08.Jun.07 at 1:18 pm

    Just so ya know—Dylan Hicks is really really funny, super unpretentious and smart enough to get me to keep my mouth shut. At least for five minutes. I’ll forwrard you the syllabus if you want. And he challenges Vodo in the cuteness department.
    Just so ya know.

  3. Peabo 08.Jun.07 at 8:24 pm

    HEY!!! Stop trying to tempt her away from poetry! No forwarding of syllabus, no cuteness, NOTHING. She is staying in poetry with Polly and me!

    Please…I beg you. I can’t be there alone. I just can’t!!

  4. mkh 09.Jun.07 at 5:30 pm

    Your essays about your classes help remind me why I don’t do workshops.


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