Madison’s love affair with Kissing in Manhattan

Before The Funk that Ate My Brain descended into the happy household that is the Supergenius HQ, I decided that I was going to put away all the books that had overrun the coffee table. As I mentioned before I have a bit of a book-buying problem. Like many addictions, this one is accompanied by a host of other problems. Foremost in the list of problems created by the addiction is putting the books away and keeping them in some sort of organized manner.

So I gathered up all the new, unread books and the old, read books and created a pile in front of the giant bookcase that dominates the great room of my house. I started to put the books away and even managed to add two more to the Bookmooch giveaway list.

But as is the way with most of my cleaning/organization efforts, I lost interest about halfway through. There are still five books littering the coffee table, four books stacked on the hatboxes, and three on the floor.

Tonight in the midst of The Funk I sat in the dark watching a shitty musical, I noticed Madison, my 11-year-old cat, acting strangely. He was rolling around all over Kissing in Manhattan, using his nose to lift up the pages so he could rub his orange body against the book. He was scratching his face using the corners of the book.

Now, he’s curled up on top of the book sleeping. It is the weirdest thing, and makes me feel so much better about not completing the book-organizing task.

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