Random bits from Tuesday’s family dinner

Despite my howls of protest, my family has instituted family dinner night on Tuesdays. Since the bowling alley closed my parents have found themselves with more free time then they know how to fill. Thus the summer of family togetherness. I was going to howl a bit more about this nonsense, but then I realized poetry class starts in like two weeks so I’ll get out of the whole ordeal.

I love my family, but we don’t really need to hang out every Tuesday night.

So last night was the first of these Tuesday night family dinners and here’s what transpired:

  • Princess Jaycie told us all about how she’s going to do cheers with her friends in the talent show. She then proceeded to show us all her cheers, which inspired Sister #3 (a former Shakopee Cheerleading captain) to jump up and join her. I laughed so hard I cried.
  • Nolan climbed onto my lap to look out the window (my parents live in a 2nd floor apartment) and ask me about my car. We spent a good amount of time naming all the cars in the parking lot, but soon our talk turned to ‘what sound does a dog, cat, elephant, etc. make?’ We were happily barking, whinnying and baaing away when his mom (Sister #3) decided she wanted in on the conversation. “Can you show Aunt Jodi where your eyes are?”
    Nolie showed her his angry eyes, waved one of his hands in front of her as if to dismiss her, and said, “Mom, I’m talking to Aunt Jodi right now.”
  • Dad was asking us about some of the junk in the bowling alley. I think I might have scored my favorite Schmidt clock and the beer cooler! We were telling him that instead of using eBay he should put the stuff on Craigslist because that’d be about 1000 times easier. This of course prompted my mom to ask, “Who’s Craig?”
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  1. david 16.May.07 at 1:27 pm

    Forget fiction, I see a family sitcom pilot in your future.

  2. lee 16.May.07 at 3:15 pm

    my mom’s maiden name is schmidt, and my grandparents have a schmidt beer fake stained-glass light-on-a-chain over their kitchen table. i love it.


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