Full of words

After I picked up Ruby I swung by Sister #3’s to pick up Eurydice, where I was promptly accosted by Cade and Nolie.

“What’s that?” Cade asked, pointing to the baseball cap on my head while Nolan climbed into my lap.
“A baseball cap.”
“Why are you wearing it?”
“Because my hair is messy,” I said.
“Why are there numbers on it?”
“Because it’s a radio station.”
“Because I like it.”
“Why?” Cade asked.
“It plays good music,” I said.
“Why do you ask so many questions?” I asked.
“Because my tummy is full of words,” Cade said.

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  1. Timmy Mac 03.Apr.07 at 9:04 am

    I’m trying to get some writing done today, and it’s not going well. I *wish* my tummy was full of words!


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