Check out my new cans

For months, I have been whining incessantly about the absolute shittiness of my headphones. They were a pair of $10 Sonys I called my Disco Stu headphones (shut it, I know it’s Otto who wears headphones all the time) because they were big and reminded me of something from the 70s. I actually loved those headphones for a very long time.

I like big, cover your ears phones. I don’t like the wussy ones that rest on your ears, and I absolutely hate most ear buds. I think I have freakishly small earholes. Which is surprising since everything else on my body is freakishly large.

All my headphone talks infiltrated the subconsciouses of my co-workers. Nearly all of them have purchased some new, pricier headphones in the past month.

Sometime last week, the Disco Stus started giving up the ghost. I had to twist and bend the cord to get them to work properly. There was also a giant gash in the cord from where I got it all tangled up in the wheels of my chair. I caved.

Now, I am the delighted owner of a new pair of Sennheiser cans. Yes, that’s what I’m gonna call them. My new cans. Because it makes me feel like some sort of hipster to call my headphones cans.

Best of all, now I can listen to my new favorite band The Fratellis (sadly they are not, allegedly, named after the bad guys in the movie Goonies) even louder and clearer than ever before.

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  1. JJ 05.Mar.07 at 5:57 pm

    Will there be a picture posted of said cans?

  2. UH 06.Mar.07 at 9:15 am

    I’ve been asking for that for years.


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