Pondering the benefits of becoming a hermit

Princess Jaycie and I have to go downtown to Al, the cutest girl on earth’s™ studio tomorrow. We’re working on a super secret project. As I type it’s rainy-snowing out and my stomach hurts. I’ve got all kinds of anxiety when it comes to driving in the winter.

My phobia started when Sister #2’s best friend Jill died in a car accident due to bad roads nearly 15 years ago. My wild wild ride across 212 last winter has not helped matters any.

I’ve watched three different local weather forecasts to determine if my anxiety is warranted, and none of the weather people have helped. The Channel 4 guy said it would probably be okay, and might me a little slick on the overpasses. Sven, the pocket meteorologist, said we’d probably have about an inch of snow in the morning and things would probably be pretty slick. I can’t remember what the third guy said.

Suddenly, becoming a total shut-in seems like a really good idea.

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  1. kelly 13.Nov.06 at 10:24 am

    Bearing in mind, of course, that the meteorologists are never right. Never. Unless the storm is bearing down upon us and then they say “there’s going to be a chance of some snow today…”

    I demand to know what the super secret project is.

  2. UH 13.Nov.06 at 11:06 am

    Sounds like meteorologists are the same all over. Last night, our local ones were split 2-2 on whether or not there would be snow this morning. Being the eternal pessimist, I bet on the snow and got up an hour early for work just to be safe. No snow.



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