The Unwritten

All but two sentences of my short story remain unwritten. I blame this on the fact that I forgot I had to babysit the kidlings today. Stupid MEA weekend. Currently Jaycie is trying to complete the Obstacle Course game on the Over the Hedge DVD and Max is reading Maggie Mason’s Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. He said he needs some ideas for his much-ignored blog.

“I’m taking this home and keeping it,” he said, shaking the book at me.
“No you’re not,” I said.
“You don’t even need it!”

He is full of it today. It might be because he’s eaten pretty much nothing but Nerds. He keeps calling Jayice “37 tries.” Because when I took the DVD remote from her so Max could have a turn, she whined and I said, “you’ve already had 37 tries, give someone else a turn.” Also, he keeps calling me Aunt Goatie, which isn’t funny at all.

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