The Stink needs your help

Thanks to Jason Kottke, I found out about a $5,000 scholarship given out to bloggers. Most of my family are college students and bloggers, so I immediately put the word out. The Stink who keeps a religious blog on Vox (which makes sense considering he’s a theology major), is one of 10 finalists for the scholarship.

Now they want people to vote. Vote for Ben, please. He deserves it. He works fulltime, raises two amazing kids (along with Sister #2) and goes to school fulltime. If ever there was someone who deserved a $5000 scholarship, it’s him.

Please, vote for Ben Kimball.

Oh, and tell everyone you know to vote. Please, please, please. There’ll be alcohol and orgasms for everyone when Ben wins. I promise.

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  2. Mike 31.Oct.06 at 6:45 pm

    Um, I’m pretty lazy tonight, and didn’t have the energy to click the link and read the rules, but as a blogger yourself, aren’t you eligible for that scholarship?

  3. Mike 31.Oct.06 at 7:44 pm

    Nevermind my last question, I summoned some of my reserves and clicked the link and read the rules.

    And most of the blogs–I think Ben’s content is better than most and equal to anyone else. I voted for him. The early results show Stephen ahead and while he is good, I think the reason is that his blog is affiliated with DailyKos, so he is probably getting 500 times the visitors as Ben.

    Well, good luck to him, and win or lose, the increased visibility should help his blog.


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