Post-it Note Morning Songs Part Number Which Shall Not be Named

This batch of Post-it Note Morning Songs is unusual only because The Awkward Stage’s “Heaven is for Easy Girls” shows up three times.THREE TIMES. That’s a new Post-it Note Morning Song record.

08Sep06: Another Perfect Day, American HiFI
09Sep06: Fallen Angel, Poison
10Sep06: Jolene, Ray LaMontagne
11Sep06: What Matters, Matthew Sweet
12Sep06: Shattered, The Rolling Stones
13Sep06: All She Wants to Do is Dance, Don Henley (I nearly went back to bed on this day, that song SUCKS)
14Sep06: I don’t know what happened here, I think I goofed up my numbering on my post-it
15Sep06: Million Dollars, Barenaked Ladies (because my subconscious loves to mock me)
16Sep06: Meet me in the Meadow, Paul Westerberg

17Sep06: Soak up the Sun, Sheryl Crow
18Sep06: My Sister, Juliana Hatfield
19Sep06: Daft Punk is Playing at My House, LCD Soundsystem
20Sep06: Heaven is for Easy Girls, The Awkward Stage
21Sep06: Heaven is for Easy Girls, The Awkward Stage
22Sep 06: Sister Christian, Night Ranger
23Sep06: California Stars, Wilco
24Sep06: Like Dylan in the Movies, Belle & Sebastian
25Sep06: Nightclub Jitters, The Replacements
26Sep06: Gracie, Ben Folds
27Sep06: Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Elton John
28Sep06: Des Moines, Halloween, Alaska
29Sep06: Jealousy, Liz Phair
30Sep06: Heaven is for Easy Girls, The Awkward Stage
01Oct06: Radio, Radio, Elvis Costello
02Oct06: Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt, We Are Scientists
03Oct06: She Moves in Her Own Way, The Kooks
04Oct06: Homesick, Soul Asylum
05Oct06: Bye, Bye Love, The Everly Brothers (I think)

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  1. UH 05.Oct.06 at 8:30 am

    You are correct on the Everly Bros.

    Also, I totally dig that Night Ranger shows up on the list.

  2. PeeWee 05.Oct.06 at 11:29 pm

    I was humming Sister Christian one morning a week or two ago. I hate that song, and haven’t heard it in years. How weird it showed up on your list too.


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