On drunkeness, bookclub, and stuff

Even though I had to cancel my Westernerd party, I commenced with the hosting of bookclub. Incidentally, Dad was let out of the hospital today. Hopefully he doesn’t go back any time soon.

So yes, with the bookclub hosting. It was one of our best bookclub’s ever and I’m not say that just becaine I’m totally drunk. That’s the advantage of being the host, you get to drink as much as you like and don’t need to worry about it because there’s no driving at all.

And, you know what I discovered visitng the hospital this week? I’m agermaphobe when I’m there. I didn’t want to touch anything and would my sleeve over my hands when I had to touch doors and stuff.

OH and, I had oone more thing to say and I can’t remember what it was about. fuck. i am getting my haircut tomorrow. that is all.

OH, i remember what it was. I decided I totally need to start hanging out at SciFi conventions because they’re chockfull of men who need to get laid.

But the bookclub was awesome. We added three new members and all three of them kick so much ass I nearly wanted to hump their legs before they left. I refrained.

We talked about the Klosterfuck that is Chuck Klosterman IV. It wasn’t quite as polarizing as I’d hoped, though those who liked it were a little bit on the lukewarm side of their like. I, of course, was loud and obnoxious and opinionated about my dislike for the book. I’m just so disappointed. It’s hard when you fall out of love. Because I did love Klosterman circa Fargo Rock City and now, not at all. He’s become a total phony and it stinks.

Also, I was at Kelly’s house on Friday picking up my homework and and of course her puppy Gatsby was there and she was tellling me how she has become one of those people that talks to her pet.

And so then I told her that I talk to my cats all the time, but what’s so weird about it is that I talk to them in my head. Yeah. I know they can’t hear it and I dont’ know why I do it, but I do it all the time. It’s like I’m too worried abotu being crazy or am just too damn lazy to move my lips. How lame is that?

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  1. Robin 16.Oct.06 at 10:34 am

    I was afraid the new one would be a Klosterfuck. Seems like he definitely peaked with his first book and it’s been all downhill since then.

    Glad your dad’s out of the hospital and hoping this was the wake-up call he needed.


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