Sassy kids

Last night before the reading, Sister #2, the Stink, and I were sitting in the folding chairs chatting. Jaycie and Max were just across a bookcase from us, perusing the Children’s Books and making endless birthday wishlists (Jaycie will be 9 a week from today).

Periodically the Stink or Sister #2 would get up to check on the kidlings.

“Would they know enough to scream or make a ruckus if someone tried to take them?” I asked.
“Oh yeah,” Sister #2 said. “But they probably wouldn’t tonight just because I told them they had to be quiet during the reading.”
I started to laugh.
“We’d find them and I’d ask them why they didn’t make any noise and they’d say ‘you told us to be quiet!’ That’s how sassy my kids are.”

Of course we had nothing to worry about. Because our ears are trained to hear his voice, we could faintly hear Max reading to himself outloud.

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