I’m sure this is a sign of egomania

A few weeks ago I was e-mailing with my friend Charles and whining about the lack of good Jodi songs. Seriously, I know of three Jodi songs (all three spelled Jody — which is the boy’s spelling) and they are all not so good.

I only have two here on Jed, Jodi by Unwritten Law and Jodi by America. Both are on the sucky side.

And I want to fall asleep, because I know that’s where we’ll meet. But then I sit and wonder why I’m alone again tonight. Let’s go there out of site. Hey eeeyy Jodi, won’t you take me away, hey hey. That’s from Unwritten Law’s Jodi.

Jodi, even the wind says your name girl. When I think of you I’m aflame girl. Everytime. Jodi girl I tried, but I can’t forget. They years when we lived together. I thought it would be forever. Jodi, I’m begging now America’s Jodi.


And really I refuse to think there hasn’t been a song-worthy Jodi in all of history. There has to be. Men have written about 209,281 about Jane’s. 1,192 songs about Janine’s. Allison, Veronica, Mary, Diane, Valerie, and Brandy. I could die with the jealously I have for the women with these names.

However, since I am the eternal optimist, I just substitute my name when it fits for the ‘real’ name in the song. Lately it’s been Jolene by Ray LaMontagne. Jodi fits perfectly, and best of all, the song is amazing.

Jodi, I ain’t about to go, straight. It’s too late. I found myself face down in the ditch, booze in my hair, blood on my lips, a picture of you holding a picture of me in the pocket of my blue jeans. Still don’t know what love means, still don’t know what love means. Jodi Jolene, by Ray LaMontagne as sung by me.

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  1. wolfdog 30.Sep.06 at 7:28 pm

    another Jodi song……

    Lloyd Cole’s Rattlesnakes

    and….of course a passing Jodi reference in Bryan Adams Summer Of 69.

  2. Robin 30.Sep.06 at 7:45 pm

    From someone who’s spent her life having a damn song with her name sung to her, thank your lucky stars the Jodi songs are obscure and somewhat sucky.

    Sing “Rockin’ Robin” in my presence, and I will cut you.

  3. jodi 30.Sep.06 at 7:54 pm

    Ha! When I was writing this I thought of how lucky you were to be Robin because of that song.

  4. Karen 01.Oct.06 at 10:13 pm

    Karen is the same I think. I know one song called ‘Karen’ – it’s by Doves and the main chorus line goes ‘Oh, Karen, how can you be so mean?’ It’s not really something I’d want serenaded, you know?

    I DO like your reworking of Jolene though.


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