I’m never gonna have sweet sweet love made to me

At the rate I’m going today my chances of getting Mike Doughty to make sweet sweet love to me are about 93 kabillon to 1. Had I the time and energy to really rock the Make Sweet Sweet Love to Me Vibe™ my chances would easily be about 3 kabillon to 1.

But damn having a life and a job keeps me from being the creepy fangirl I know I could be if I just readjusted my priorities.

Whenever I have a few spare moments, I’ll fire up the Make Sweet Sweet Love to Me Vibe™, but I can admit I am not putting all of my soul and being into it. I’m sure the Vibe’s going out there and somewhere in Shoreview there’s a Mike Dougherty that wants my ass. But to effectively get the vibe to work, I need to focus all my energy on its generation.

Sadly, I have to use my energy to work so I can pay the mortgage on Supergenius Headquarters. Fuck. Life’s unfair.

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