i must have a little hemi in me because i just dodged the shit out of that bullet

i ditched work early to get home so i could work on my short story. i fired up ol’ Ogden and just settled in for a quick e-mail check before getting that nose of mine to the grindstone. in my box was a note from Kelly, with the subject ‘Class has been cancelled.’ allegedly there are phone calls going out from the loft telling me and me ‘mates that there will be no class tomorrow. kelly wants to know what kind of voodoo magic i’m working.

i never got the message (which upon further investigation is totally my fault because i never, ever updated my number with the loft when i moved). but yeah, no class tomorrow. i am the goddess of the procrastinatory arts. you should quiver in awe of my greatness.

now i got another entire week of procrastination ahead of me. ohhhh, yeaaahhh.

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  1. wendy 29.Mar.06 at 5:34 pm

    in that case, you should come to gameworks. you can play all the games you want for $10 after 9pm. and i’m sure there’s a story idea game somewhere.

  2. kelly 29.Mar.06 at 5:39 pm

    I’m going to tell you about an episode of the Simpsons. It’ll be brief.
    Bart falls asleep while studying for the most important test of his life. He fails it but convinces the teacher to give him a retake. He sits down at some late hour to study but prior to that, he prays for a snow day. It’s, like, May.
    He gets his snow day. He’s on his way out to play when Lisa reminds him that he prayed for the snow day and he said he’d stay in and study all day if it came.
    Now we all know that you’ve been praying to God, Allah, and every other diety under the sun that something like this will happen, so don’t deny it.
    BUT, no more procrastination out of you. Write your damn story.

  3. Thomas 30.Mar.06 at 11:24 am

    Procrastination is like masturbation: You’re only fucking yourself when you indulge in either.

  4. jodi 30.Mar.06 at 11:51 am

    is that an argument for or against procrastination?

  5. MJ 30.Mar.06 at 7:22 pm



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