don’t move your lips, just shake your hips

if the meme is good enough for tito, it’s good enough for me. besides it’s early on a sunday morning, i just had some pizza and i need something to write about.

usually i am really bad at these shuffle things, because i cheat all the time. if it’s a song i don’t want to admit to and/or write about, well, i just keep on shuffling.

there, now you know the truth. i am a damn dirty shuffle cheater.

Hey, Deceiver (Alternate Mix), self
this song is a ass-shaker, really. but it just reminds me of a chilly october night, late on a school night, flying down highway five in Eden Prairie in Ruby. sitting next to me is a too-cute-for-me, too-hip-for-me, too-young-for-me man and oh my god did i have a crush on him. it was the kind of crush that made me think i was 16 instead of 31 (or 32, i can’t quite remember). self is mr. crushes favorite band of all time. self is to him what the replacements are to me. got it? ironically enough the self that Crush and I were enjoying that night in Ruby was not from him, rather a CD i got from a lover of mine. lover? lover, yes. that’s what he was, my lover.

so where were we? flying down highway five in october, cute boy at my side. this song comes on and he reaches over to crank the radio, and starts tapping the horn. i protest about the horn and laugh. then he tells me to shhh. which is usually my pet peeve.

“no, you gotta hear this,” he said.

i wait, listening to intently. then he points to the left speaker, and then the right, as the line “goes in one ear and out the other” shimmies across the dashboard from speaker to speaker. i got goosebumps.

Shake, Shake Senora, Harry Belafonte, Jr
when princess jaycie was about 3, her all-time favorite movie of all cinematic history was “Beetlejuice.” she would make use watch it over and over and over again, which means she’ll probably be a goth by the time she’s 12. this song, shake shake is the song that plays in the very last scene when Lydia comes home to talk about her math test with the dead bill pullman and geena davis. this song is for her, the soon-to-be princes of goth. ever since she picked this movie as a fave, iv’e song this song to all my nephews when holding them and wiggling them. it’s ironic considering none of them are senoras.

Someone Take the Wheel, The Replacements
not even in the top 10 of my favorite ‘mats songs. probably not even in the top 20, but it came up and i’m not a damn dirty cheater. the best line in this one is “anywhere you hang yourself is home.” which is such a typical westerberg line.

I Can’t Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt
i talked about this one before, and how sister #3 sang it quite loudly whenever she had to do the dishes.

Hips, Blanket Music
a friend of mine sent this to me because not only do i have a hip fetish, i have a song that mentions hips fetish. . . the main refrain of this one shut up and sway your hips. it’s awesome.

F.N.T., Semisonic (the Cities 97 Sampler version)
this is one of the most romantic, sweet songs in the history of songs, in my most bold and audacious opinion. “I’m surprised that you’ve never been told that you’re lovely and you’re perfect and that somebody wants you.” someday dan, someday i’ll hear it.

Can’t Stand It, Wilco
i love jeff tweedy and if he were willing i would totally spend weeks making sweet sweet love to him. also, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again and i won’t ever back down, but Summerteeth is the best best best Wilco album so far. THE BEST. so suck on that all you yankee hotel foxtrot worshippers (and you know who you are)

Dreamin’ Man, Neil Young
i can’t listen to neil young without my heart getting very heavy and full of sadness. i can’t explain what it is, but as soon as i hear his music i want to cry.

Soft Serve, Mike Doughy (from Smofe & Smang)
one of the first online communities i ever joined was the old USENET group it was quite possibly the best entrance into online communities ever. i played there for years and years. it was fun and the people were awesome. but after soul coughing broke up and doughty disappeared for awhile, the group slowly fell apart. anyway, whenever any of us would go to see soul coughing play we always had songs we’d want them to play, you know besides the obvious ones. heather and thedoug always, always wanted soft serve (i, incidentally, always wanted soundtrack to mary).

Shake Your Hips, The Rolling Stones
a part of the aforementioned songs that mention hips fetish. plus it’s the rolling stones who i waited too entirely long in life to discover.

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  1. Robin 26.Feb.06 at 1:24 pm

    I do love “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”, but “Summerteeth” is right there on its heels. If it wasn’t for “War on War”, “YHF” would be relegated to second.

  2. dweebie 27.Feb.06 at 1:46 pm

    Hey I just got Summerteeth at the library. So far to an old rocker Wilco reminds me sometimes of the Kinks, sometimes the Beatles.

    I can’t find the new Kate Bush album/cd at stores!

  3. david 28.Feb.06 at 9:12 am

    I agree with you about Summerteeth. From beginning to end it’s mesmerizing.


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