doesn’t he realize love monkey is on?

Dear George W. Bush, the honorable members of Congress, and the executives at NBC, CBS, and ABC,

how dare you! sister #4 is hopping mad. mad, i tell you. she’s been bitching for the past 20 minutes about how the ‘stupid’ president has to go and ruin everything. Mr. President, don’t you realize that Love Monkey is on? come on! she really, really, really wants to watch Love Monkey because she likes that guy who was on the bowling alley show, Ed.

Mr. President, et. al, sister #4 does not like it when people don’t do what she wants. trust me, i know.

also, she wants to know who the hell this Coretta Scott King is and why people keep mentioning her. and really, if she’s Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow, why don’t you just call her Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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  1. Megan 01.Feb.06 at 8:17 pm

    A friend of mine effed one of the writers/producers or something for that show. She calls him the “Lovemaker” because he was all, “I can’t wait to make LOVE to you.” Gross.


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