sister #3’s wedding

hello! the recovery time took a bit longer than i expected. i was up for about 22-23 hours saturday/sunday. i couldn’t put a coherent sentence together. i spent much time bemoaning my aching thighs and getting roped into watching the minnesota vikings become the ONLY undefeated team in the NFL (take that you st.louis boy).

so, i’ve gotten a few e-mails, y’all wanna know how the wedding went. it was perfect and beautiful and more fun than the law should allow. here are a few highlights:

the reception was held at the minnesota horse and hunt club. it was a goergous woody, windowy lodge type deal. very nice. windows overlooking the woods, a giant fireplace and dead animal carcuses on all the walls. yes. deer head, caribou, reindeer, a buffalo, phesants stuffed and hanging. the chandeliers were made out of horns of some poor dead creature. PETA was not invited to the wedding, so everything went fine.

while decorating the club early saturday morning sister #3, the bride, discovered she had gotten her period. you men won’t understand. but i am sure all you female readers can relate to the horror. i think she cried for 20 minutes.

i, was damn cute. cuter than i’ve ever been in my entire life and probably cuter than i will ever, ever, ever be again. when i get some pictues back, i’ll show you all how damn, damn cute i was. really, my hair was adorable. i had silver beads in it and it was sorta curly and sticky uppy. cute!

my high-heeled shoes are MIA. i wore them up and down the aisle. i walkd that aisle like i was cindy crawford. big ol’ smile on my face. i was too sexxy for that damn church. of course, the minute i marched out the front door of that church, the shoes were kicked off in the front lawn. i stood in the receiving line, barefoot. i danced in birkenstocks that night. allison, the photographer and my friend said, “chromey, i wouldn’t recognize you without birks.” allison does in fact rule.

the church was a bit stuffy and sister #3 and brother-in-law-to-be #2 had to kneel at the altar forever. sister #3 started to get a bit woozy. we saw her lean back and put her head down. then she was up like a shot and bolted to one of the rooms off the altar. you should have heard the gasp from the studio audience. sisters #2 and #4 jumped outta the pew and ran after her to see what was up. i would done some jumping and running, but remember i was wearing those high-heeled torture devices. we sat there for about 3 mintues and it felt like 33 hours. sister #4 poked her head outta the door and gave me the thumbs up sign. she was gonna come back. she did, they said i do and we all cried like babies.

the reception passed like a blur. i don’t think i’ve ever had my picture taken so many times. but i was so damn cute, i didn’t mind one single bit. there were speeches made at the dinner that made me cry. they made everyone cry, even allison and she’d never met my family before that day.

“look at how cute i am! someone buy my a drink,” that was my motto for the night and it worked like a charm. many drinks were bought for, as the bartender dubbed me, “the cute one.”

i caught the boquet. when i joined all the single ladies out on the dance floor, rez (the dj and friend of my cousin joey for years and years) said, “hey. . . that’s not fair.” so i sighed and said, “ok, i’ll take my shoes off.” so i kicked off my shoes (remember i lost the torture devices and was wearing my birks) and i was a hole 1/2 inch shorter. i got a good laugh on that one.

umm, those are the highlights that i can think of now. sister #3 left for her honeymoon at like 7 a.m. saturday. i can’t wait until she gets back and i can talk to her. she’s married now. it’s so strange to think that. my parents told me and sister #4 that we couldn’t get married for another 3 years. so, i will start taking husband applications soon.

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