the legend of the candy cane as retold by max, age 7

the candy cane symbolizes the canes the shepherds carry. it is also an upside down J for Jesus, the red represents jesus’ blood and the white is symbolic of the blood being washed away.

this is what he was told by brittany, who brought in a book about what the candy cane means.

sister #2 was none too pleased with all this religious nonsense and tried to tell max that it was only a legend and not necessarily true.

he didn’t quite get it.

so then i told him that i was pretty sure that willy wonka invented the candy cane.

“that makes a lot more sense then all that blood stuff,” max said.

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  1. brianne 16.Dec.07 at 4:58 pm

    this story is retold be max age7 WOW! that is a good story.


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