the return of black sunday

i haven’t spent a sunday in a funk like this in a long, long time. i don’t know what’s gotten into me, but Kathleen Turner Overdrive just served up Bob Dylan’s “I Want You” followed by Damien Rice’s “The Professor” and it left me a weepy mess. i just feel really lonely and depressed tonight. if i were any good with the objective correlative, i would tell you more about it. but i can’t.

perhaps it’s a post-vacation funk. the thought of going to work tomorrow makes me want to toss my cookies. or it could be sheer exhaustion. i think i did more last week than i have since i moved. . . shopping, cooking, bowling, hair cutting, bowling some more, thanksgiving, kicking ass for the working class, all that kind of stuff.

plus i have giant amounts of anxiety over an upcoming business trip. my fat ass does not travel well, so i’m sort of dreading that in a big way.

and i had really bad dreams last night. one that keeps bugging me involved my dad telling us he had inoperable prostate cancer. another dream had me pining for a married man that was either the TTHM or Barney Miller, i can’t quite remember which one.

i’m trying to think if there’s anything else bothering me. stuff i can just get out of me randomly and not think about anymore in the hopes that i can get a little bit of sleep sometime tonight before i have to go to work. but i think that’s all i got, which isn’t so bad now that i’ve written it all out.

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