sing a song of songs or the near death of seamus

this morning the roof was one fire at work. i had a hot project that needed to be done before 11 a.m. of course this morning was the morning seamus decided we were BFFs and he had about 1394 things to tell me. most of these things were totally funny and made my morning.

however, he also had to tell me how he went home and taught himself Neil Diamond’s Holly Holy. then seamus proceeded to spend the next 29 minutes singing Holly Holy over and over again while sitting in my general cube area.

i’d have been really mad if it weren’t so damn funny. because well, singing Holly Holy is always always way more fun than actually working.

at one point i shouted, “you’re like that eye of the tiger commerical. i’m glenn!”

then i had to go find the commerical and watch it and discuss it. then it was like 10 o’clock and i had less than an hour to put out the fire on the roof.

but i did it.

also ELEVEN days until i move.

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  1. Damon 02.Sep.05 at 1:13 pm

    Am I the only geek ’round here that thought it cool that the number 1394, seemingly pulled out of nowhere, was mentioned in connection with fire?

    IEEE 1394 = Firewire.


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