king bear, the cape, and women empowerment

so kappa walked into work a little late, he had to go to his daughter’s school and read to them. he read a book called The Little Tailor and then he told us about how he told the kids one of his own fairy tales called “King Bear.” kappa told us how when he goes on hikes he thinks about women empowering fairy tales to tell his daughters.

“i have four daugters now,” kappa said. “we got to be all about the women power.”
“so were the boys crying because this was all women power?” seamus asked.
“no, there’s a mean troll that steals King Bear’s cape. boys like that.”
“this King Bear doesn’t sound very women-empowering to me,” i said.
“well, there’s a Lady Bear who might one day be queen,” kappa said.
“what does she do?” i asked.
“she helps King Bear,” kappa said.
“yes she helps him by cooking and cleaning,” seamus said.
“and if she’s good enough at cooking and cleaning, maybe someday King Bear will ask her to marry him,” i said.
“but all she wants out of life is to make King Bear happy,” seamus said.

at this point we were laughing so hard, that al, the cutest girl on earth™, almost peed her pants and kappa walked away from us.

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  1. wolfdog 30.Sep.05 at 3:08 pm

    …..and they all lived happily ever after, well as happy as indentured servitude will allow.


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