happy bob mould at first ave day!

“so what time do you want to leave tomorrow?” sister #2 asked last night when she called.
“i dunno, what time does the concert start?” i asked.
“eight, i think.”
“yeah, but we can skip the openers.”
“so what time?”
“well, some of my friends are gathering at O’Donovan’s before hand for a drink,” i said.
“are these westernerds?”
“uh, yeah. why?”
“why are westernerds going to bob mould?”
“because everyone who loves the replacements also liked husker du and bob mould,” i said.
“but they’re westernerds.”
“you’re a bob mould nerd,” i said.
“but i don’t post to message boards and stuff,” she said.
“you read his blog everyday and you’d totally post to his message board if you could find one.”
“yeah, i guess.”

we’re leaving at 8 to meet the westernerds at 8:30. . . i win!

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  1. UH 28.Sep.05 at 9:55 pm

    OK, as we have already established, I don’t know who Bob Mould is, and I don’t get it. Nonetheless, I hope you have a swell time and come back with cool stories to tell those of us who have no lives outside the intarweb.


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