the symbolism is so big and heavy i am nearly crushed underneath the weight of it

wednesday night sister #4 and i went to Turtles located in lovely downtown Shakopee (soon to be the hometown of Supergenius, Inc). before i dropped her off, we decided to drive past St. Mark’s Church and gawk.

it’s a beautiful Catholic Church a block away from the house Sisters #3 & #4 grew up in. And while i’m not religious and i’ve definitely been a recovering Catholic for many, many years, that church is a thing of beauty and almost comforting. like going home.

but on wednesday morning St. Mark’s burned. it was gutted by the fire. incidentally, St. Mark’s was the church that sister #4 was going to get married in.

“i think i’m going to cry,” she said, as we drove by looking at all the people congregated on the street.
“is the symbolism a little too much for you?” i asked. “i mean come on! you were supposed to be married there. he dumps you and two weeks later the church burns. i’d think God was trying to tell me something.”
“no,” she said. “i hadn’t thought about that. i just really love that church.”

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  1. Dietcokegurl 26.Aug.05 at 12:19 pm

    D’aMN!! That is completely crazy. The type of thing that if you wrote it in a story Rob would be like “Um, yeah, the church. I have to say that might be too coincidental. I would argue that it would be better to…blah blah…insert kick ass idea here.”
    And you’d be sitting in class saying BUT IT’S TRUE!!! If you were the type of person to write real into your fiction, that is.

    At any rate, I loooooved that Church and it’s shitty that it burned down.

  2. jodi 26.Aug.05 at 12:46 pm

    i have a friend who is always fond of quoting kurt vonnegut — “somethings only happen in real life and bad fiction.”

    this is one of them.

  3. UH 27.Aug.05 at 12:20 am

    I’d bet Vonnegut actually said “Some things … ” but that would be nitpicking on my part, so I won’t do it.


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