my body is not a team player

i’ve never been much for team sports. i mean, really, there’s no I in TEAM and i’m all about me (ok, that’s not true at all, i wasn’t much for team sports because i was the too tall fat booknerd, but that doesn’t fit my analogy). well today i discovered that in the team that is my body, personality, psyche, what have you, my body is totally not a team player. apparently there is no i in body either.

because the pre-menstrual hormones and the stress of work and buying a house were not enough, my allergies decided to crash the pity party. they were totally not invited, but i guess they were feeling left out.

this week has seen my transformation into the whiniest, most psychotic brat on the planet reach completion. even i’m a little impressed by the mood swings and that ability not to be happy with anything. ANYTHING. i’m like a four-year-old with a driver’s license. waaah! pay attention to me. nobody likes me. waaah! leave me alone can’t you see i’m busy. waaah! waah!

i think the PMS, which skipped last month, was just lurking in my brain waiting for the most inopportune time to strike.

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