move over Ted Leo, Mike Doughty, Andrew Bird, and AC Newman, there’s a new imaginary boyfriend in town

on a tuesday night, i ventured into the big bad city to see my ex-imaginary boyfriend, ted leo and his friends the pharmacists.

first of all, this was my first foray into first-ave post smoking ban. i must say that first ave loses a bit of it’s charm without the blue fog of smoke that hovers about six feet above the floor. second without the smell of smoke, you can smell the other first-ave patrons and really, i wanted tell some of those girls to get their patchouli stink outta my vicinity– especially the stupid girl who walked right into me (being that i’m 6’5″ i know i can be pretty easy to miss, but COME ON, wolfdogg is like 6’8″ and totally cannot be missed) and spilled my captain and coke all over me and the floor.

that being said, it was a fabulous good time, but a little bittersweet, as i had to say good-bye to ted, who at the time was my current imaginary boyfriend. but i fell in love tuesday night. i fell in love and i don’t even know his name.

he was this little guy in a white and green baseball cap, and a white t-shirt. when ted started the first song, the name of which i not only can i not remember chances are i didn’t ever know it to begin with because i don’t know any song names, the little guy whom i love (LGWIL) was in the back right corner, against the rail. by the second song, he was standing right in front of ted in the front row. LGWIL was by far the cutest thing ever. ever! he was a fist pumping, pogoing ball of energy. i wanted to tongue kiss him right on the spot. i even made wolf wait around after the show in hopes of stopping LGWIL to tell him just how fucking rad he was.

that being sad, ted rocked the tuesday night asses of the the minnesota nicers. the crowd was good, but had not quite worked up their rock and roll energy by tuesday night. ted even made mention of how polite we all were. a little later he said he understood because if he were at home on that particular tuesday he’d be curled up with a book and not at a rock and roll show.

the best part of the show, was when Ted launched into a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.” the cover was pretty damn fun, and of course wolf and i knew all the words by heart, and wolf even tried to re-enact the video where Bruce pulls Courtney Cox out of the metrodome crowd to dance on stage, but i snubbed his hand. i didn’t want to call anymore attention to the fact that we were the ONLY people in the entire joint who seemed to know the song. what’s wrong with young people these days?

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  1. PeeWee 16.Jun.05 at 11:22 pm

    Don’t you need to add LGWIL to your list of abbreviations?


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